Business Financial & VC Funding

We assist our clients in prepping up for VC funding pitch. We empower their pitches with market research insights, business potential, break even, sales projection and financial planning. F1BC nurtures budding e-commerce ventures for success through mentorship, networking guidance and entrepreneurial wisdom.

Our Offerings for E-Commerce Businesses

Marketing Strategy

Our consultants prepare marketing strategy spread over various activities and channels best suited for your business. We ensure that your marketing strategies are well targeted to the specific customers. We see to it that your spends are directed to maximize conversions. 

Business Model

Our experts ensure that you excellent e-commerce idea is transformed into profitable business model. They also assist in setting up the back-end processes and infrastructure required to successfully & profitably run your e-commerce business.

Market Research

Our e-commerce consultants will conduct a comprehensive market research of your target industry, competitors, best practices, business models, their marketing strategies and share the learning that would be critical in setting up your e-commerce business.

E-Commerce Consulting for Online Seller

In addition to e-commerce on-boarding, account management and imaging & cataloging business services, we also assist sellers in setting up an end-to-end online business successfully. Our consulting services include the following:

  • Product Research
  • Pricing Intelligence
  • Capability Development & Platform Training
  • Packaging Solution & Logistics Management
  • Customer Service & Returns Management
  • Marketing & Advertising

Our team works across multiple categories like Electronics, Apparel, Home Appliances, Jewelry, Baby, Grocery, Beauty, Media, etc. to assist sellers in boosting their online sales.

We also guide ventures supporting e-commerce businesses on how to setup a scalable and profitable long term business. Our industry contacts and domain expertise is an added advantage.

An idea is only as good as its execution.

There are lot of million $ ideas out there, many of them just fail because of lack of planning and expertise in e-commerce. We brings you years of e-commerce experience to ensure that your e-commerce business is setup for success. We offer our consulting services to e-commerce businesses, sellers and vendors supporting e-commerce businesses. We offer end-to-end consulting to e-commerce business from market research to business model to marketing strategies.

A2Z of E-commerce