How big is your Amazon wish list?

How big is your Amazon wish list?

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This week, we asked you to send in your wish list and find out which of the companies you’d like to see in the future.

We’ll share the results in our next Recode HQ Insider report.1.

Microsoft 1.1 billion.

The Microsoft ecosystem includes Windows, Office, Xbox, and the Xbox One console.

The company has been around for years, and it’s no surprise to see Microsoft dominate the PC gaming market.

But, it’s only a small slice of its revenue, which is what drives its market share.

Microsoft sells about one-third of the PCs in the US, but only about 3% of the consoles.

The Xbox 360 is a great deal, but Microsoft has lost ground over the years in the gaming space.2.

Walmart 1.3 billion.

Walmart, also known as, is the largest retail chain in the United States.

Its main competitors include Target, Best Buy, and Best Buy.

Its biggest market is the US.

The US is one of the world’s largest shoppers.

Walmart is the only retailer in the world to have over a billion people in its store.

It also offers low prices, low employee costs, and a huge selection of clothes.3.

Netflix 1.4 billion.

Netflix is an online streaming service that provides movies and television shows for streaming on the internet.

Netflix’s streaming service is not part of Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon does not own the streaming service.4.

General Electric 1.5 billion.

General Motors (NYSE:GM) is the biggest carmaker in the country, with over 6 million cars sold in 2017.

The Detroit automaker has a large presence in the auto industry, and has been the subject of several lawsuits by its employees.

However, General Electric’s market share has been growing in recent years.

In 2017, it reported $10.5 trillion in sales.5.

Wal-Mart 1.6 billion.

Walmarts (NYSE :WMT) is a retail chain, which means that it owns most of its stores and makes a majority of its money by selling merchandise.

WalMart has a strong presence in grocery stores and other food service outlets.

It sells to a broad audience, including large companies.

It makes money by charging fees for services like delivery.6.

Costco 1.7 billion.

Costco is the fourth largest store chain in America, with more than 7 million stores.

It’s a leader because it offers large amounts of online shopping and low prices.

Its market share is growing.7.

McDonald’s 1.8 billion.

McDonalds is a fast food restaurant chain.

It is owned by fast-food giant McDonald’s Corporation.

It has a number of locations around the country.

McDonald also sells a wide variety of fast food items, including sandwiches and shakes.8.

Apple 1.9 billion.

Apple is the world leader in digital technology, a business that helps users interact with their devices more easily.

Apple makes its money selling computers, mobile phones, tablets, and more.

It currently has over 1.2 billion users in the U.S., but has been gaining market share in Asia and other parts of the globe.9.

Google (NASDAQ :GOOG) 1.10 billion.

Google is a company that uses artificial intelligence to search for information.

It runs billions of search queries each day.

Google has a huge market share, and its search advertising business is a huge part of its business.10.

Microsoft (NASdaq :MSFT) 1,115 billion.

Microsoft is the most valuable company in the USA.

It owns all of its products and services.

It operates more than 20,000 companies, and generates $14 trillion in revenue.

It was the No. 1 global company in 2018.11.

Oracle 1.11 billion.

Oracle is a software company that has been building artificial intelligence technology for years.

It uses artificial neural networks to perform computer-aided design (CAD) and computer graphics (CGI) designs.

Oracle has a massive user base in areas like healthcare, finance, and technology.12.

Walmart 2.2 trillion.

Walmart has a big presence in groceries and other retailing.

Its revenues come from both its core business of selling retail goods and its online retail business.

The biggest customer in the company is Walmart itself, which sells about 10 million items each day, including food, groceries, clothing, and household goods.13.

Starbucks 2.3 trillion.

Starbucks is the second-largest coffee chain in North America.

Its profits come from its stores, which carry about 5 million coffees.

Its largest customer is Amazon, which bought about 6% of Starbucks last year.14. 2.4 trillion.

Amazon has more than 1,500 stores in the UK and US.

Its business is driven by its Amazon Prime membership program, which gives customers a monthly discount on purchases.15.


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