The biggest business trends of 2018

The biggest business trends of 2018

The biggest businesses trends of the year are now over.

And with the year officially under way, we’ve rounded up the best trends that have emerged so far in 2018.

In 2018, there was a huge surge in sales and revenue for e-commerce companies, as e-book sales soared in the year ahead, Amazon added over 300,000 new merchants and more than 2 million people signed up for its Prime membership.

The company also added more than 40,000 jobs across the country, according to a statement on the company’s website.

But while e-Commerce has exploded, the rest of the business hasn’t.

Amazon still sells less than one percent of all books and e-books in the U.S. and less than 10 percent of its overall business, according a study by consulting firm CB Insights & Strategy.

And while Amazon is working on a digital-only plan for the next few years, it is only the latest tech company to make moves to cut back on e-selling.

Apple’s App Store for iOS and macOS, the most popular online app store for iOS, announced it was cutting back on sales and downloads on Apple’s iTunes store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the decision was based on the “increasing competition” from Apple Music and Spotify.

Apple is also moving away from traditional digital publishing models to an online-only model, a move that could hurt the company.

Amazon also cut back sales and download numbers on its Amazon Prime service, which offers free shipping for most items in Amazon’s retail stores.

Apple declined to comment on Amazon’s plans for 2017.

Amazon is also trying to reduce its reliance on eBooks, which accounts for about two-thirds of its revenue.

The retailer is also cutting back its ebook-selling revenue in a bid to save money.

Amazon said it plans to introduce a “digital” version of its Kindle e-reader device in 2019.

Amazon has also announced plans to cut e-purchasing in half from the current level of $100 a month to $50 a month in 2019, and is also planning to cut its prices for new titles, including books.

The e-reading company is also adding more than 100 new authors and has added nearly 200 new publishers in the past year, according the company blog.

Apple is also working on new e-readers that will work on tablets.

It is also rolling out a new version of Apple Music that will allow users to listen to music from their phones, instead of CDs.

Apple said it will be launching a streaming music service in 2019 that will offer access to music in both the iTunes Store and the iTunes app, which Apple previously said it would be launching in 2018 as part of a broader digital music offering.

Apple Music, which has been a hit for music fans, is currently available in 30 countries.

Apple said in a statement that it would launch a standalone streaming service in the United States later this year.

Amazon’s Kindle store will be discontinued, but the company said it was looking to extend its existing e-store offerings and bring new products and services to the Kindle store.


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