Why Feasibility Study?

​Objective Decision: You have a product or service business idea, feasibility study can give you lot of insights and guide you on next steps irrespective of result. If its positive, study will help better understand what are  aspects of strategic importance for success of project. If its negative, feasibility study will guide you on how your project can be made viable or may uncover the new business opportunities.

Attract Funding: If your business is looking for funding, feasibility study can make your pitch much stronger in front of investors. It will  reassure investors and lenders about economic viability of the project. 

Limit Losses: Before going all out on a new initiative, feasibility study is a good idea to limit losses. When you are coming with a new project/product/service, feasibility can save lot of money that might be spend on development, R&D and launch of a product which has very low probability of success. 

Business Insight: In addition to go/no go suggestion, through feasibility study addresses following questions for the businesses:

  • What is the competitive landscape?
  • What is the business model followed? 
  • What are the challenges & problems expected?
  • What is the current and project market demand?
  • What are the expected revenue and profit margins on the investment?
  • What are the factors that went into deciding the viability of the initiative?

What is the use of running if we are on the wrong road?

We, at Formula One Business Consulting perform systematic study using primary and secondary market research to assess the practicality of a specific project, venture, or approach. We analyze business environment such as demographics, demand, market capacity, competition, regulation, cultural issues, etc. to suggest a go/no go decision. We support feasibility study across different industries for: 

  • New Product or Service
  • New Business Approach
  • Social Development Project
  • New Business Model
  • Business Expansion

feasibility study