These all elements of brand strategy along with other factors contributes to creating a brand identity. Brand identity creates brand association in consumer mind like emotions, impression, beliefs, reputation which contribute to creating a brand image. We make sure that the brand identity is inline with long term business objective.

Our goal while designing and implementing the brand strategy is to ensure that the brand image, the way the brand is perceived by the customers is the same as the brand identity, the way business wants the brand to be perceived. 


Marketing Without Strategy is the Noise Before Failure

At F1BC, we are 100% committed in creating valuable brands. We begin by gathering data, performing market research to identify target markets and assess consumer perceptions, competition, business trends, and product value. This research contribute to the development of an overall brand strategy. Brand strategy includes logo and package design, tagline, pricing, placement, advertising campaigns, and customer service messaging. 

Each business is unique and requires different marketing strategy based on industry, target customers, competition, and many other factors impacting the ever changing business environment. We assist our business partners in differentiating their offerings and communicating it to their customer in most effective manner. We help answer following questions for our clients:

  • What to sell, whom to sell, where to sell, how to sell and at what price to sell?
  • How to differentiate your product from competitors?
  • How to keep your customers loyal?
  • Which media to use for communication (advertisement) to maximize benefit at minimal cost?
  • How to make a brand out of your product?

Marketing is the science to identify the right customer, anticipate their demand, delight them and keep them loyal, profitably. We assist our clients in getting this science right. ​We work with businesses of all sizes across industries to create and implement their marketing strategies. We create a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out. Our services include from designing simple promotions to got to market strategy for new product to complex customer loyalty program.

Our marketing strategy includes choosing target markets through market analysis, market segmentation, understanding consumer behavior and advertising a product's value to the customer. Our marketing consultant have deep understanding of consumer behavior and marketing process. They not only think creatively but analytically also to ensure that the creativity deliver results.

Marketing and Branding