Every sale has 5 basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.

- Zig Zaglar

Distribution & Logistics

As a logistics expert we ensure most cost effective and efficient movement of goods and services from the source through a distribution channel, right up to the final customer, consumer, or user, and the movement of payment in the opposite direction, right up to the original producer or supplier. We help businesses in solving following problems:

  • Do you find the limited reach & availability of your product as a big constraint?
  • Do you struggle to set up the right distribution network?
  • Are you looking for appropriate partners?
  • Does the estimation of partner commission seem an unsolvable puzzle?
  • Are you often bothered by the productivity of your shipping department?

We offer Sales consulting for any size and type of business. Our services includes sales strategy design, planning & execution, lead generation & sales program, sales territory design & optimization, CRM, sales data analysis and action plan. Our services include helping businesses to answer the following questions:

  • How to grow your existing customer base?
  • Are your revenues not growing with time?
  • How to support sales through optimal use of discounts, credit and subsidies?
  • How to arrive at relevant sales decision from existing sales data?
  • What should be the optimum size, profile, responsibilities & daily routine of the market execution team?

Sales leaders have no shortage of ideas for what they need to do to improve sales. With so many options—people, structure, process, compensation, management—it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on performance. As a sales consultancy with sophisticated analysis tools and experienced sales consultants, we can help you determine with confidence which paths will lead to significant increases in sales performance. We assist businesses in setting up processes that help a sales organization run effectively, efficiently and in support of business strategies and objectives.

Sales and Distribution